Third Edition


30,31 july 1 august from 4pm to 2am

The most popular event for fans of tattoos and old school style is back.  

And yet again an incredible team of tattoo artists will descend on the Rotonda a Mare from 16:00 to 02:00 on 30 and 31 July, and 1 August.

Who will be there?

On 30 July, there will be Maurizio Basile, Marcello Basile, Marco Tupone, Giorgia Bellocchi, Michele Silenzi, Alessio Giulioni, Francesco Rossetti, Fabio Nembo, Debora Visco, Daniele Caminati, Emanuele Peren; on 31 July, Maurizio Basile, Marcello Basile, Marco Tupone, Meticcio, Tommaso Serpentini,
Luca Testadiferro, Daniele Caminati, Michelangelo Pighetti, Emanuele Peren, Fabio Nembo, William Giampieri; on 1 August, Maurizio Basile, Marcello Basile, Marco Tupone, Jonathan Cesaroni, Tommaso Serpentini, Daniele Caminati, Emanuele Peren, Elisa Esposto, Luca Testadiferro, Fabio Nembo, Debora Visco.

The event will be accompanied by an exhibition on the history of the traditional tattoo, with original designs from an outstanding private collection

The icing on the cake will be the Easy Listening Record Hop that will provide the soundtrack to the three-day tattoo marathon.

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