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“It’s fantastic, people come from all over the world, from the United States, from England, from everywhere, from Rome, from all over they come here to the Festival in Senigallia, Everyone’s very happy, they come for the rock’n’roll and everything else, there’s a good mood, it’s a joy to be here. ”
Brian Setzer – Stray Cats

“We’re back safe and sound in St. Louis… just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you folks did with the festival. In my humble opinion from an artist/sideman’s perspective (based on playing similar festivals in Europe/U.S. for the past 15 years), the Summer Jamboree is easily the professional standard by which all roots festivals should be measured worldwide, end of story…”
Robert Johnson Lohr (Pianista di Chuck Berry)

“… The Summer Jamboree presents a very special opportunity to experience and appreciate Swing, Rock’n’Roll and the extraordinary musical culture of that era, that makes us happy.”

Renzo Arbore

“You are a fantastic audience! I’m very happy to be here! I want to come back again next year…”

Chuck Berry

“…there will be a place of honour reserved in the kingdom of heaven for those of Senigallia, because they have accomplished another extraordinary edition of the Summer Jamboree, I don’t know how they do it, probably with ‘Divine Help’.

Renzo Arbore

“Swing Dance, pop culture and the rock’n’roll lifestyle co-exist in the best Festival of its genre.”

Dario Salvatori

“The Summer Jamboree in Senigallia is a ‘very big big’ Festival”

WS ‘Fluke’ Holland

Senigallia. That place on the Adriatic Sea, with 45000 inhabitants, which every year in early August is transformed into a poem in which everything moves and dances, praising a life of times gone by, although still seeming present. This is the “Summer Jamboree – The hottest rockin ‘holiday on earth”, the largest of Europe festival in honor of the American culture of the 40s and 50 and of Rock’n’Roll. But there’s more. It is a journey to the root of our desires: to be happy.

German Magazine “Mare”

In Senigallia in the first days of August, you don’t arrive by car, train or plane. You get there by time machine. Since 2000 it is here that the Summer Jamboree is held, the most important festival in Europe dedicated to the music and culture of America in the ’50s. […]

Shenzhen (monthly Chinese fashion magazine)

Even Mickey Mouse has decided to pay tribute to the Summer Jamboree by dedicating a comic strip to the ’50s (Issue August 18, 2009). “Donald, juke box hero” is set in the ‘50s featuring Donald Duck as the main character. At the end of the story, “Mickey Mouse” has some advice for the summer: “Has reading Donald, juke box hero make you dream of the ‘50s? Then here’s the Summer Jamboree” followed by two full pages dedicated to photos and info about the Festival.

The hottest rockin’ holiday on earth is how holiday makers of the Marche’s Riviera have christened the Summer Jamboree, international festival of ‘40s and ‘50s music and culture returning from today to Sunday, August 9th for its 16th edition. They come from Mexico and from Hawaii, Russia and Japan, the United Kingdom and (in particular) Germany; 350 thousand people flock to Senigallia every year, to relax and holiday in an atmosphere of joy and fun typical of the post-war era…

From the Corriere della Sera, 31 July 2015

“A must for all lovers of early rock, of the American Graffiti style, of cars with fins, of the impressive slick quiffs and of the girls with full skirts and ballet flats. We are talking about the Summer Jamboree Festival, Senigallia (AN), an international event of music and ‘40s and ‘50s American culture, one of the three largest and most important gatherings of this kind”

Rolling Stone


“Rock & Brillantine, (that beautiful) music and culture of America in the forties and fifties for ten straight days in Senigallia, the confirmed European capital of rock’n’roll at the Summer Jamboree”

Roberto Mori “The Unit”