About the Summer Jamboree

The Summer Jamboree is the International Festival of 40s and 50s American music and culture that takes place every year between the end of July and the first half of August in Senigallia (AN) in the Marche, Italy. 
The 2022 edition will be from 30 July to 7 August.

From 2022 the Festival will host an additional Summer Jamboree on the Lake in Lugano in Switzerland from 9 – 12 June.

The Summer Jamboree is the biggest and most well known festival of its kind in Europe, and the largest festival of its genre in the world for its number of annual recorded visitors. An international crossroads where enthusiasts of the music and culture of this extraordinary and inspiring era can meet old and new friends alike, together with a fun-loving public in search of colourful, carefree good times, and that little something extra than your average beach holiday.

At the Summer Jamboree, a prestigious programme of open-air concerts is accompanied by DJs playing from noon to dawn at various locations around the town, free lessons to learn the dances of the period, a Hawaiian Party on the beach, a Dance Camp with the best teachers from around the world, a Burlesque Show, a Vintage Market brimming with hand-selected vendors, and a Barber Shop for vintage cuts and styling.


About the Summer Jamboree


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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, activities marked with * are postponed to the 2022 edition.

Tens of live performances and unique concerts by international artists and bands. Every edition of the Summer Jamboree presents a surprising and amazing line-up of original artists from bygone days performing unforgettable concerts with free entry alongside the most talented artists of the contemporary scene from all around the world. Rock’n’Roll, Swing, Jive, Rockabilly, Country, Doo-wop, Rhythm’n’Blues, Hillbilly, Western Swing. Music that represents the roots of Rock. Music that, over the years, has developed a following, has been handed down from generation to generation, yet remains current and relevant and able to transcend age, appealing to the young, the old, and everyone in between.

Every edition of the Summer Jamboree is graced with the presence of a highly specialised DJ crew from all over the world that provide the soundtrack to the Festival all day long, and present endless opportunities to dance around the town and between live performances.

Amazing social dance demonstrations will make you fall in love with the dances of the period: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Boogie Woogie, Tap, Jazz, Shag, Jive, Rock’n’Roll, Swing, Jive.

The music starts at midday on the seafront, and continues into the afternoon and long into the evening at various locations in the town centre. After which the fabulous after-parties tend to the needs of the night owls who aren’t ready for the party to end, with record hops from the finest international DJs playing music to dance the night away from midnight to 4am.

An integral part of the Festival are the scheduled Record Hops around the town, which are inevitably accompanied by social dancers!

For newbies who would like to try their hand at the basics of swing and rock’n’roll, there are free dance lessons open to all every evening at 6pm.  

The Summer Jamboree Dance Camp is a popular fixture at the Festival. Here you can learn, develop, and refine your swing and rock’n’roll dance skills and repertoire under the tuition of renown and professional international dancers. Our teachers hail from all over the world, the United States, France, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Slovenia… they are world famous on the scene, they are world champions in their field, and they are incredibly sought after teachers.

They have performed and won competitions all over the world, they are masters of style and technique, they are well versed with the cultural history of the dances and the period, and are experts in delivering fun-filled lessons! In short, they are true figureheads of the international scene. The dance styles included in the Dance Camp programme are Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Jive, Balboa, Solo Tap (known in Italy as ‘Tip Tap’), Collegiate Shag, and Solo Jazz. The classes are divided into 3 levels of ability: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

The SJDC has become an unmissable event at the Summer Jamboree, and an important occasion in itself within the international swing and rock’n’roll dancing community.


Choose your vintage tattoo design from a selection of the best old school tattoo artists all gathered together for this special event. Non-stop old school tattoos from 4pm to 2am, no appointment necessary. Professional tattoo artists in this burgeoning art await with anchors, cherries, hearts, stars, swallows… find your perfect tattoo amid the plethora of vintage designs and render your passion for 40s and 50s American style permanent.
Old school tattoos have never gone out of style. Many people like me, that have been teddy boys, rock’n’rollers, rockabillies, people from the swing scene, they all want old school tattoos.
[Greg Travel Ink Tattoos]

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Come and browse the Vintage Market.

Buy and sell 40s and 50s paraphernalia.
Lose yourself amongst the vintage items, iconic accessories, and period style clothing.

The Rockin’ Village vintage market is overflowing with 40s and 50s original and repro goodies including clothing, accessories, shoes, vinyl records, ties, hats, memorabilia, antiques, and much much more, like for instance a fantastic Barber Shop & Hairstyling Salon.

Following on from the prestigious exhibitions held as part of previous editions of the Festival, the Summer Jamboree 2021 programme will start early this year (in June in fact) with an event of a cultural nature.

The photography exhibition MILTON H. GREENE “WOMEN” produced by diChroma photography and curated by Anne Morin will adorn the Palazzetto Baviera Senigallia – Marche (AN) from 17 June to 26 September 2021.

Milton Hawthorne Greene was a Photographer and Film Producer for over four decades, and is recognised as one of the most celebrated American Photographers of all time. Amongst his most well known images are the photos he took of actress Marilyn Monroe.

The Exhibition “Women” features a huge array of photos that include precious and rare images of Marilyn Monroe and actresses such as  Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Geraldine Chaplin, Kim Novak, Shirley MacLaine, Lucía Bosé, and Susan Sarandon.

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“Rock’n’Roll is a State of the Soul” Such is the title of the film documentary dedicated to the Summer Jamboree immersive photography exhibition. Created to celebrate 20 years of the Festival, the exhibition Rock’n’Roll is a State of the Soul is a carefully compiled collection of images that depict the essence of what Rock’n’Roll represents for us: a state of the soul. 350 shots that immortalise the icons of Rock’n’Roll together with the (extra) ordinary people that make up the marvellous Summer Jamboree community. The documentary dedicated to “Rock’n’Roll is a State of the Soul” will be screened on Monday, 2 August, from 21:30 to 22:30, at Cinema Arena Gabbiano.

Waves crash, surf’s up, the sand glistens underfoot, and the sound of good ol’ rock’n’roll fills the evening air. No you’re not dreaming. This is the Hawaiian Party on the beach. 

The Hawaiian party on the beach is an unmissable date in the diaries of all Rock’n’Roll enthusiasts, from the merely curious, to the die-hard fans who know from experience what a fun, enthralling, and stirring occasion it truly is.

A high-energy, high-impact concert, in the surrounds of a fairytale. The velvet beach transforms into a tropical island and attracts thousands of pairs of lighthearted bare feet to an incredible musical experience from sun-down to deep into the night and the early hours.

The Hawaiian Party on the beach has become one of the most defining moments of the Festival where alongside noted DJs, some of the most successful American and international rock’n’roll artists take to the stage.  

Burlesque, the art that mixes irony, sensuality, vintage aesthetics, and cabaret, first arrived in Italy thanks to the Summer Jamboree in 2005. In 2007 the Queen of Burlesque herself miss Dita Von Teese performed for the first time in Italy at the Summer Jamboree Festival, making the “hottest rockin’ holiday on Earth” really live up it’s name. And the most respected artists from around the world continue to perform theatrical themed pieces at exclusive locations at the Festival. “What is burlesque? An ancestor of the strip-tease that originated in Victorian England, where the girl on stage provokes the crowd, wiggles, winks, sheds her superfluous veils and at the peak moment, poof, disappears”. Pulsatilla Repubblica XL

There are a huge number of Summer Jamboree fans that also happen to possess fabulous pre-1969 American Oldtimer automobiles.

And it is precisely for said persons that the Summer Jamboree lovingly rolls out the red carpet and reserves a Rockin’ Car Park in the town centre exclusively for their disposition. It originally came about as a kind of service parking lot, but over time has become an attraction in itself as all the many coloured pre-1969 vintage cars are displayed in all their glory.

Not just for motorheads!

On the afternoon of the second Saturday of the Festival the Oldtimers parade proudly together for all to see in the AMERICAN CLASSIC CAR CRUISE.

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At every edition of the Summer Jamboree there is always a spectacular Dance Show featuring the créme da la créme of the international swing dance scene.

Here you can see world champions and top teachers strut their stuff with majesty, grace, and incredibly contagious energy and joy as they showcase the evolution of dance from the 20s through to the 50s with the following dances; Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Lindy Hop, Tap (known in Italy as Tip Tap), Solo Jazz, Jive, and Boogie Woogie.

You can also catch these world class dancers at their lessons at the Dance Camp, or cutting a rug at the after-parties where their passion and vitality is tangible, and happiness is transmitted with every step they take. 

A minute to win it! All amateur dancers are welcome to compete in the swingtastic Summer Jamboree Dance Team Battle.

The only requirement to participate is that of entering as a couple. Teams will be randomly drawn, uniting and mixing registered couples of all levels, ages, and nationalities.

Each couple will have just one minute to impress the judges with their dance steps and musical interpretation.

It’s up to the couples whether they dance Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Jive, Charleston, Shag, or Tap. Amidst the cheers from the crowd, a panel of judges will declare the winning team (not couple) based on the performance and efforts of all the couples within the team.

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Main Stage

Piazza Garibaldi

Burlesque cabaret - music and dance show

Teatro La Fenice
Via Battisti

Walk in tattoo

Rotonda a Mare

Mostra Miltol H. Greene

Mostra fotografica "Women"
Palazzetto Baviera

Arena Gabbiano

Via Maierini, 2


FEstival location

Ten days of 40s and 50s American dream incorporate the whole of Senigallia, from the historic town centre to the scenic sea front…

Concerts, street food, dance floors, record hops, the Rockin’ Village Vintage Market, and the Oldtimers are all located within 21.000 mq of the town centre in Piazza Garibaldi, at the Foro Annonario, the Rocca Roveresca, in Piazza del Duca, and in Piazza Simoncelli.

The Big Hawaiian Party takes place on the beach north of the port bringing the beach at night to life with good times and great music. A little further south down the beach and you will find beach side Record Hops, and the Rotonda a mare which hosts the infamous after-parties, the Dance Camp, and the Walk-in Tattoo event.

Even the Theatre is involved as the Teatro La Fenice in the centre of town proudly presents the Burlesque Show with a sizzlingly sensual performance (with a sense of humour) that will hot-up this steamy summer Friday night



Here are all the directions you need to get to the Summer Jamboree in Senigallia.

Now you have no excuse!
Don’t miss all the fun, come and experience the joyful 40s and 50s Americana atmosphere first hand; and here are all the many ways to get here.

by Plane

Ancona (AOI) 25 Km – 20′
Rimini (RMI) 75 Km – 45′
Forlì (FRL) 124 Km – 1h 15′
Bologna (BLQ) 191 Km – 1h 45′
Pescara (PSR) 194Km – 1h 45′
Perugia (PEG) 146 km – 2h

by Train

Senigallia Station.
The RAILWAY STATION is located right in the centre of town. Trains arrive directly in front of the Rocca Roveresca, which is one of the locations of the Festival.

by car

Autostrada A14 – Senigallia Exit

by boat

Porto di Ancona

by taxi

Viale Bonopera (At the train station)
Tel: 0039.(0)71 64946

by private service

PETRONE DRIVE by Petrone Pasquale
Mobile: +39.338 3539418
Mail: [email protected]

shuttle bus service

Special Summer Jamboree XXI free shuttle bus service from Senigallia’s parking areas direct to the historic town centre.

In order to improve and reduce traffic in the town centre as much as possible, we hope that you will make use of our free shuttle service. 
The service will run three routes:

Autostrada exit-Ipersimply / Giardini Catalani
Villa Torlonia (SS16) / Senigallia Train Station
Car Parks South (SS16 Bus Stop Summerland) / Senigallia Train Station

Saturday 31 July
Sunday 1 August
Thursday 5 August
Friday 6 August
Saturday 7 August
Sunday 8 August


Go cat go with your Oldtimers!

Come to the Summer Jamboree with your pre 1969 American car and discover the benefits in store for you.

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Here is a helpful list of commonly asked questions about the Summer Jamboree, and even more helpfully – the answers!

The Summer Jamboree is happy to respond to individual requests and meet specific requirements wherever possible to make your experience at the Festival of 40s and 50s American music and culture a positive and memorable one.


The 21st edition of the Summer Jamboree takes place from 30 July to 8 August 2021 in Senigallia (AN) in accordance with government regulations and restrictions. The Festival will be a little different this year, however you can keep up to date with news and updates about the programme right here on our website.

It is free to attend the outdoor concerts, the Dance Show, and other programmed outdoor events. Only the Burlesque & Cabaret Show, the Walk-in Tattoo, and the photographic exhibition are ticketed.

Yes, this year advanced booking is necessary both for free and paid events. Information on how to book will be released shortly via our official channels. 

The safety of the public, our artists, and staff is fundamental, hence all programmed events will adhere to current health and safety protocols and government regulations in force.

All activities for which it is not possible to guarantee the required social distance have been limited or postponed to the next edition of the Festival.

Yes! Dust of your dancing shoes and get ready to strut your stuff!
The Summer Jamboree Dance Camp & Boot Camp will take place from Saturday 30 July to Saturday 6 August 2022 in Senigallia, Italy.
For all of the details about this 2022 edition click here > Dance Camp Summer Jamboree.

Yes of course! Go to our Oldtimers section and request your exclusive pass to access the Rockin’ Car Park and other benefits during the Festival.

During the Summer Jamboree our merchandise is available exclusively at our pop-up store. Alternatively you can access our official online shop all year round. Just click here!


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