Walter Broes (BE)

The name Walter Broes should be no stranger to the ears of all you Roots music lovers. He released his first record at the age of 18 with neo-Rockabilly/Psychobilly band “The Ratmen”, and continued to play in various Blues bands until he founded the well-loved Belgian Roots Rock’n’Roll band “The Seatsniffers”. Broes spent 16 years on stage as their singer, guitarist and songwriter, touring around Europe and the USA and recording seven records.

His talents and credits don’t end there though; he’s produced various Roots, Blues, Americana and Rockabilly records for numerous bands over the years, released a Rockabilly guitar instructional video for a US audience, and in recent years has fronted his band “Walter Broes & The Mercenaries”, once again blending his favorite sounds of the Americana, Rockabilly, Blues, Country, and Rock’n’Roll tradition.

Expect well seasoned rootsy guitar work, an experienced baritone voice, and savage sounds raging from George Jones to Bo Diddley and everything in-between.