The Waikiki Leaks (ITA)

The Waikiki Leaks are one of a kind on the Italian scene, bringing back the unique sounds of Hawaii and America in the 30s, 40s and 50s. The quintet formed in 2016 when ​​Flavio Pasquetto – steel guitar aficionado extraordinaire – had the idea to perform a “Hapa Haole” set live, and for those of us not in the know, ‘Hapa Haole’ (amongst other things) is them songs written by American composers of the Swing Era that were inspired by traditional Hawaiian melodies and their folklore. And together with Swing singer Francesca Faro, guitarist Filippo Delogu, bassist Light Palone and drummer Alfredo Romeo, they created the band’s original hula-tastic sound. Their first album “Swing Luau” has just been released featuring special guests of the likes of Marco Bianchi who will also be performing with the band at their Summer Jamboree debut. The Waikiki Leaks are renown for their danceable repertoire and are immensely popular with dancers wherever they play!