The Velvet Candles (ES)

The Velvet Candles are a band that barely need an introduction… with a repertoire than spans from mid 1950’s Rhythm’n’Blues to the great Ital-American Doo Wop bands of the early 1960’s, Spain’s most popular Doo Wop group have been performing all over Europe for the last decade, and to the utmost success. Name a country… and they have performed there!  Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Finland…  the list is endless…
They have backed some of the biggest names on the Rock’n’Roll scene; Mike Sanchez, Bobby Brooks, Charlie Thompson, Sonny West and Nikki Hill to name just a few, as well as some of the greatest Doo Wop stars of the 1950’s including Larry Chance, Stan Zizka, Gaynel Hodge, Tommy Hunt, Norman Fox and many more besides!
Often regarded as one of the most entertaining acts on the vocal group scene, the Velvet Candles on stage really pack a punch. From Jump Blues, to Doo-Wop, from up-tempo R’n’B to smoochy romantic crooners – their show is a joy to behold and music to a dancer’s ear!