The Tail Gators (USA)

Once described by Rolling Stone Magazine as “Swap-rock heaven”, the Austin based ‘Tail Gators’ combine the essential ingredients of Rock’n’roll with elements of traditional American music ranging from Cajun and Zydeco to Rhythm’n’Blues, Country and Surf, all served up in a special recipe that is uniquely their own.

Grammy nominated guitarist Don Leady formed the ‘Tail Gators’ in 1985 following the success of his hugely popular rock roots band the ‘Leroi Brothers’. Joining forces with legendary Bass player Keith Ferguson (of ‘The Fabulous Thunderbirds’) and drummer Gary Mudcat Smith, the rest, as they say, is swamp rock history!

Over the years many great artists have collaborated and played with the band including Denny Freeman, Evan Johns, Frankie Camaro, Mike Buck, JJ Barrera and Chico Oropeza, and their popularity soared so high even ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons called the Tail Gators his “favourite American band.”

These days Don is joined by guitar prodigy Jack Montesinos, Eric Przygocki on bass and Alberto Telo on drums. And more than ever the Tail Gators continue to create that “swampabilly” “gritty good time gumbo music” that won the heart of Austin and makes their fans ever hungry for more!