The Revolutionaires (UK)

Scorching a trail across live music venues, this sizzlin’ hot 1950’s R&B combo, power-out jumpin’ hot rhythm & blues in their own indomitable hard hitting style. Primarily, influenced by 1940’s and 1950’s R&B, the band have adopted a harder and more aggressive approach more synonymous with modern blues artists, and it is this mix that goes towards creating their own distinctive high energy sound. Over the last decade, The Revolutionaires have established themselves on the UK and European Rockin’ circuit, as well as the Blues scene. They have toured extensively and internationally, including a tour with a Big Band project. The Revs hit the stage hard with a power line-up, a big sound, a raw energy and a ‘hard-edged’ vibe! So it’s no wonder that this band “rock up a storm” wherever they go!