The Lucky Lucianos, as if you didn’t know, are the latest rockin’ creation from Mr Lucky. To look at, they paint a perfect picture of the stereotypical Ital-American mobster family, long-lost cousins from days gone-by. However fortunately for us, these bad boys favour Rock n’ Roll to machine-guns! Playing the roots of the House-rock music that emerged in Philadelphia during the mid fifties, they feature the big beats of the great original American artists such as Bill Haley, Jimmy Cavallo, and Freddie Bell (and even some of their respective rockin’ British relatives). They sing, they swing, and boy do they rock! Lucky by name and happy-go-lucky by nature, The Lucky Lucianos play the happiest music around. Now what are you waiting for?! Grab your partner, grab your gal, and rock, rock, rock!!