The Jolly Rockers have been rockin’ for over thirty years now, thanks to a eureka moment, somewhere in Rome, at some point in 1982. There have been a few changes over the years, including the addition of new faces and friendships, however the musical project that still lies at the heart of this band, is dedicated to the legendary 1950s. The Jolly Rockers’ repertoire consists of every single Rock’n’Roll classic hit of the 1950s and then some! It includes pieces by Louis Prima, Louis Jordan, Dean Martin, The Coasters, and a tribute to the Blues Brothers and other great names that represent this era and musical genre. And all of this is delivered in style and with the ingenious irony of Greg (Claudio Gregori), Max Paiella, Attilio Di Giovanni and a combo of incredible musicians, who on few and very select occasions, gather to create a show that is not to be missed!