The Hoo-Doo Sinners (USA/ITA/DE/CH)

This band is made up of five international musicians who have been playing around the world for almost thirty years in various different formations. However as the Hoo-Doo Sinners, it all started one hot August day about five years ago when an American Singer, a Swiss guitarist, a German saxophonist, a Swiss drummer and an Italian bass player all walked into a bar… and met by chance at a Rockabilly party! Just for kicks, and with the help and encouragement of a bottle of Tequila or three, the guys struck up together in an improvised jam and to their amazement the audience asked them for more, and more, and more still until the effects of the Tequila finally had its wicked way with the drummer… but that’s another story! The next day, by coincidence or fate, they all found themselves together again in the same place for lunch. So after chewing over the previous night’s shenanigans, they very wisely decided to form a band officially, and fortunately for all us rockabilly fans, they have been inseparable ever since!