Sauro dall’Olio (ITA)

Sauro is without doubt one of the most sought after vintage DJs in Italy, and a firm favourite with dancers of all disciplines; be it Boogie Woogie, Jive, Lindy, Balboa, Shag… whatever your pleasure, Sauro never fails to deliver!
His passion for music has always present… he started his music collection as a youngster, long before he had aspirations to take to the decks. Over time his predilection for Jazz, Swing, Rhythm & Blues, and Rock’n’Roll became ever more evident, and now he has an impressive repertoire of tracks for dancers spanning from the 1920s up until the 1950s.
What started as a private passion has now been in public demand for the last 18 years as requests for his DJ talents take him ever more far and wide to vintage and dance events all over Europe.