Rudy Valentino e i Baleras (ITA)

Rudy Valentino e i Baleras are an established name both nationally and internationally on the vintage music scene. Over the past 10 years the band has shuffled its line-up of highly talented musicians, expanded its epic repertoire, and refreshed its name with a brand new shiny one. However their recipe has always remained the same – swing, boogie, rock’n’roll, a pinch of irony, and a love of music beautiful music! Rudy Valentino e i Baleras take their swing hungry audiences on a journey to rediscover the lost but not forgotten melodies and songs that made Italy great in the 40s and 50s; Renato Carosone, Fred Buscaglione, Domenico Modugno and all of the great Italian-American crooners that will see you through from La Dolce Vita all the way through to the arrival of rock’n’rollNo wonder this fun-loving professional combo are so in demand all over the world!