Ray Collins ́ HOT-CLUB (DE)

Ray Collins’ and his HOT-CLUB have been an integral part of the international swing and vintage rhythm and blues scene since 2000. The ten piece band play their own mixture of boogie, swing and rock’n’roll (think Wynonie Harris, Buddy Johnson or Cab Calloway, just to give you a little idea of their flavour) and to date have released 8 albums, appeared in 3 movies and toured in more than 30 countries from Moscow to Las Vegas. They are renown for their wild stage act, which leave audiences buzzing and begging for more. However, it is their own original compositions that have brought them international and long lasting recognition. Indeed, with songs like High Life, Barefoot or Bye Bye Paris, they have succeeded in creating their own classics. Fresh from the studio having just recorded their latest album, the boys are back on the road and ready to rock.