Peter & the Wolves (CAN)

Peter and the Wolves: a fresh-faced rockabilly outfit, driven by an unstoppable and feverish desire to make music worthy of their ancestors’ pride. These three young guys from Calgari in Alberta, Canada, are packing their instruments and a whole lotta talent to come and perform for the first time in Italy in a European exclusive at the Summer Jamboree!

Headed up by Howlin’ Pete Cormier, the Wolves have been together since high school when Pete with his devilish lady-killer looks made sparks fly with his guitar, Theo climbed up on top his double bass and Paul set his piano keys on fire with his fast-moving fingers. It was Elvis meets Eddie Cochran with a good ol’ hunk of the blues thrown in for good measure and it was an immediate success.

Today, Canada’s finest are raring to go with a mix of Rockabilly, R’n’B, and rock’n’roll, laced with Howlin’ Pete’s sweetly undulating tones and wolfish boyish smile…