Mitch Woods (USA)

His initiation into blues and boogie woogie piano began at the tender age of eight in Brooklyn back in the 1950s, and since then, Mitch Woods has gone on to record with some of the blues industry’s most historically influential artists, to perform relentlessly around the world, to win international awards, to be inducted into the National Blues Hall of Fame, and to proudly be the torchbearer of the great American blues musical heritage for two whole decades. Taking inspiration from the great jump n’ boogie outfits of the late 40s and early 50s, he breathes fresh life into the music that gave birth to rock’n’roll. Wood’s style harks to the jumpin’n’jivin’, shoutin’n’honkin’, pumpin’n’poundin’ bands of Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris, Joe and Jimmy Liggins, Amos Milburn, and Roy Milton. Adding a healthy dose of New Orleans rhythm and blues, piledrivin’ piano, and some of his own contemporary playful lyrics, Woods forges his own brand of music he likes to call “rock-a-boogie.”