Kid Ramos (USA)

When his opera singer parents gave their son an electric guitar at the tender age of eight, little did they know it would spark the talent and genius that would become the undisputed Blues guitarist king supreme – Kid Ramos! He has played in some of the most famous and influential American Blues bands for well over a quarter of a century, including the ‘James Harman Band’, ‘Roomful of Blues’, ‘The Fabulous Thunderbirds’, and ‘Los Fabulocos’. Not forgetting of course, his success and valued reputation as a solo artist, Kid Ramos never fails to impress. Never. And he is back town. Born in California, Ramos has Texas in his spirit, and the Blues in his soul. Come and see the talent and class of this true musician with your own eyes and feel the goosebumps his music stirs on your own skin!