Johnny Falstaff (USA)

Action star of stage and screen, Texas music legend, Johnny Falstaff resurrects the ghosts of honky-tonk past and conjures the demons of early Rock’n’Roll to craft a unique style in the Ameripolitan genre. He is no stranger to touring and recording, and has been lighting the flame for fans both sides of the Atlantic since 2008. Winner of ‘International Band of the Year’ (Austrian Country Music Federation) and best ‘Outlaw Country’ nominee (Ameripolitan Music Awards), Falstaff is hot property and hot to handle! His honky tonk rhythms will get under your skin and into your cowboy boots, and his velvety smooth Texan tones will hypnotise your broken hearts and leave you begging for more! Catch him while you can, catch him if you dare! Johnny Falstaff will be shoutin’ the honky tonk gospel from the Summer Jamboree stage for 1 night only!