Jimmy Gallagher (USA)

Born in Brooklyn, the heart of the New York Doo-wop scene in the 1950s, Jimmy Gallagher was destined for stardom from a young age. At high school he was already singing in bands, and whilst still in his teens sang lead vocals for Doo-Wop sensations The Passions! A group that is held in high esteem indeed in Doo-wop history. With support and encouragement from Mystic’s Manager Jim Gribble, the band played around with different songs, sounds and names, before settling on ‘The Passions’ just in the nick of time whilst recording their first hit ‘Just to be with you’. The release of ‘This is my love’, ‘I only want to be with you’ and ‘Gloria’ quickly followed, and the bands popularity increased just as quick. Before long they were appearing on Dick Clark’s ‘American Bandstand’, doing shows for DJ Allen Freed, and performing alongside some of the music super-stars of the era including ‘Dion and the Belmonts’, the ‘Isley Brothers’ and the ‘Skyliners’. Jimmy recorded over a dozen songs with the band, and in the 1960s started out on a long military career, serving his country in the Navy, and also finding time to raise a family. Lucky for us, Jimmy has continued to sing and perform around the world and tour with the Legends of Doo-Wop – and one of his next stops will be the Summer Jamboree!