Jay Cee (FRA)

He’s the most popular dancer on the floor, he’s in demand for his lessons in ‘gentleman jive’, AND he is a renowned DJ to boot… it can only be JayCee from Paris!
The dance floor is his natural habitat and whether he’s cutting a rug or spinning hot wax, he thrives on the energy, joy, and magic that can be conjoured between dancers and their mistress – the music.
JayCee treats every DJ set as a journey, with himself as Captain of the ship. His passion for the American musical culture of the 30s, 40s and 50s and his sensitivity to the needs of the dancers gives every set an undeniable warmth and soul. He likes to surprise listeners with a varied and swinging selection of rhythms, and he has been touring events and festivals all over Europe for the past 15 years – much to the delight of the crowds on the dancefloor!