I Belli di Waikiki (ITA)

I Belli di Waikiki formed back in 2000 under the influence of the Hawaiian films of Elvis Presley. They quickly shot to fame and notoriety on the Rockabilly circuit and showcased at the second edition of the Summer Jamboree in 2001. After (and courtesy of) which, they were invited to numerous European Festivals and in 2003 became the first European band to be invited to play at the Hawaiian festival “The Hukilau” at Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Since then they have performed all over the United States in Atlanta, Knoxville, Athens, Orlando, Tampa, Austin, West Palm Beach, the list goes on…
I Belli di Waikiki are hard to miss, as is their talent. In 2005 they were spotted and recruited for what would be the start of many television appearances, with Max Giusti and Renzo Arbore to name but a few. In 2007 the word spread and Sony Pictures used their version of the traditional Hawaiian song “Aloha Oe” in the animated film ‘Surf’s Up’.
Things went quiet for a few years when the band’s bass player moved to Austin, Texas, but the band reunited with a bang in 2014, and whilst recording their third studio album their old album cover was selected for an advertising campaign for Swatch and they hit the road on tour once again in 2016 to high demand.
I Belli di Waikiki remain one of the most loved and beloved Italian bands both at home and overseas, and they return to the twentieth edition of the Summer Jamboree with their original line-up, including original bass player Tropicana Joe coming all the way from Austin Texas!