Dr. Bontempi’s Snake Oil Company (DE)

Imagine Hank Williams with a shot of Rhythm’n’Blues, or Bob Wills with a razor sharp essential line-up. Hillbilly and Western Swing with a cottonfield holler to keep your little sister busy on the dancefloor! From “Bonfire” to “Country Cousin”, and “Why Don’t You Love Me” to “All I Can Do Is Cry” – the Snake Oil Company delivers the hottest dance hits from the smokin-est jukejoints in the big city. Don’t miss out when they rock-up at a hayride near you! Whether you scrub up real neat or turn-up with bare-feet – grab your lovey-dovey and come on down for some real hot revelry and amusement.

Don’t worry about the disturbing the neighbours – there are no drums involved and they won’t be there anyway.

And don’t forget to buy your personal bottle of pure, healthy, original DR. BONTEMPI’S SNAKE OIL after the show – having a ball is fine, but you should avoid headaches the morning after…

The Snake Oil Company is brought to you by Miss Ira Lee (rhythm guitar), Miss Franny Lee (fiddle), Björn Kunze (double bass), and of course the doctor himself – Dr. Bontempi (electric guitar).