Cherry & Filip (POL)

Cherry and Filip first met dancing in Poland, and after Collegiate Shag was introduced to Warsaw in 2014, it wasn’t long before they partnered up, joined the Warsaw Shag Team, and started taking the Shag scene by storm!
– Cherry, do you want to be the best in the world one day?
– Yes, why not…
– Me too, so let’s get to work!

The first class they gave together was held in a Zoo for a group of children, now they are regular teachers of Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag for SWINGOUT.PL and beyond, performing, competing – and winning (!) competitions internationally.
Their dance is full of energy. Cherry has loved dancing for as long as she can remember. She started her training at the age of 6 in ballet, contemporary, ballroom and jazz. On the dance floor she is renown for her playful style, combining elegance with a wild Latin temperament. Filip has been a musician for many years, playing the guitar, trombone and mandoline. He’s a founding member of Polish gypsy jazz band ‘The Cajun Spices’. His passion is reflected in his movements making his dance expressive and unique. They are fresh, full of enthusiasm, and eager to face any challenge!