Charlie Thompson (UK)

Call it honky-tonk, call it Ameripolitan, call it Rockabilly or Hillbilly… whatever it is that the UK’s Charlie Thompson sings, he does it with a true Country soul. On this very special occasion however, the national treasure that is Charlie Thompson will be trading his famous vintage hillbilly style for a tuxedo and white bucks as he shows off his vocal prowess and proves that he can croon with the best! The Ameripolitan Award winner’s long-time love of Doo-Wop and 50’s Rhythm & Blues songs, combined with the impeccable talents of Italian Rhythm & Blues band The Good Fellas will make for an extraordinary extravaganza of music. Don’t miss this unique performance and celebration that has been lovingly arranged in honour of 20 glorious years of the of the Summer Jamboree!