Blasco ‘n’ Vince Combo (ITA)

Blasco “The Razor” and Vince Mannino have been active on the Italian Rockabilly scene since the 80’s and are both renown individually for their former musical histories; Blasco as a double bass player for the ‘Boppin’ Kids’ and Vince as guitarist of the ‘Ramblers’. Despite their various line-ups, projects and collaborations over the years, the pair have continued to contribute to the rock’n’roll scene up to this day. After ‘Boppin’ Kids’ split in 1990, Blasco founded Doo-Wop band the ‘Silver Trio’ (1991-1997), playing double bass and leading on vocals. He is also responsible for uniting the great Marco Di Maggio and Max Zampini (The Starliters) to form the band ‘Offbeat’. Vince on the other hand, after years on the guitar and in the studio, went on to produce an authentic sound worthy of the best recordings of Sun Records with the band ‘Vince and The Sun Boppers’.

Coming together for this new and exciting project, we see Blasco on the 12-string acoustic guitar and double bass, and Vince on electric guitar. The pair take turns on the vocals, and have the odd duet together too. Add former Boppin’ Kid “Emilio the Insane” to the equation on drums, playing in his uniquely recognizable style, and the three together succeed in creating a sound that is both authentic and original. And there you have it – this crazy combo from Catania is complete!