Billy and the Crazy Dogs (ARG/ITA)

It all started many moons ago under the hot Argentinian sun, when a love for Rock’n’Roll and all things 1950s united three friends and their musical talents. And that love, and friendship has never waned in all of the concerts and gigs played over the years. In fact, it is that love that matters the most to Graciela on vocals, Ariel on guitar and vocals, and Walter on double bass. Now based in Italy, Billy and the Crazy Dogs are continuing to spread the love with the addition of Piero on drums (famed drummer of Chuck Berry in Summer Jamboree history). The trio are now a quartet and the set is complete! Hot off the press, they have just finished recording their latest album to satisfy the demands of their fans, and the proof is in the pudding – these guys are as rocking and rolling and raring to go as ever!