Al Bianchi (ITA)

Al Bianchi, otherwise known as ‘Mr. Enthusiasm’, was a mere 10 years old when he first encountered the music and charisma of rock’n’roll legend Elvis Presley, and from that moment on he has remained one of his most devoted disciples. These days, Al is the lead founder, singer, and sex symbol of Roman band ‘Four Vegas’. A band that this year, will celebrate twenty fabulous years together (that’s over two thousand concerts throughout Italy alone folks!) and release their fifth epic CD to mark the monumental occasion!

Entertainer and crooner extraordinaire, Bianchi is also famed for his performances at the Micca Club (Rome’s most well-known Burlesque and variety venue) and their shows that tour all throughout Europe. It must be his versatile voice and irresistible good looks that make him one of Italy’s most appreciated and sought-after artists!

And it doesn’t stop there… between the Micca Club, Four Vegas and his appearances acting on tv and on the stage, this year at the Summer Jamboree, Al Bianchi will showcase his new collaboration with the Newtones Trio! Together they will pay homage to Elvis Presley and his repertoire with legendary vocal quartet the Jordanaires, as well as the great classics of the Doo Wop.

Watch out – his “ENTUSIASMOOO!” is contagious!!