Welcome to the first online Academy dedicated to vintage dance

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Welcome to the first online Academy dedicated to vintage dance

Dance Swing and Rock’n’Roll, whenever and wherever you want.

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Learn with the best teachers on the international scene.

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Dance Academy Days

From October 6 to 9, enter the Summer Jamboree Dance Academy at a special price!

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With the Dance Academy Pass your annual membership gives you unlimited access to all current and online plus all future courses.

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Dance Academy Pass

1 year for 99€

instead of 299€

Save over 66%

Join now and receive:

Join today for 99€ instead of € 299, and you can also maintain this incredible price every time you renew your subscription, for as long as you wish to subscribe!

What can you dance at the Dance Academy?

Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Jive, Balboa, Two-Step, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Solo Tap, Solo Jazz…

At the Dance Academy you’ll find all the most loved Swing and Rock’n’Roll dances!


6 courses

Lindy Hop

7 courses

Gentle Jive

3 courses

Solo Tap

1 course

Boogie Woogie

6 courses


2 courses


1 course

Collegiate Shag

2 courses

Solo Jazz

1 course

Dance when you want and where you want.

Limit free access from your pc, smartphone, or tablet.

Watch and rewatch your lessons, pause when you need to, and pick up exactly where you left off, as many times as you like.

Learn and progress at your own pace and to your own rhythms!

dance academy

Your courses

Access hundreds of lessons and more than 25 courses already available, online plus all future courses that are due to be added in the coming months.

Shim Sham Vol. 1 - Classic

Roberto & Lucy
december 2022

Boogie Woogie Vol. 1

Rasmus & Tove
december 2022

Coming Soon!

From December in the Summer Jamboree Dance Academy

1. Roberto & LucyShim Sham Vol. 1 – Classic
2.  Rasmus & ToveBoogie Woogie Vol. 1

New in!

From November in the Summer Jamboree Dance Academy

1. Francesco & Carolina – Boogie Woogie Vol. 4
2. Todd & Irina – Balboa Vol. 1

Boogie Woogie Vol. 4

Francesco & Carolina
november 2022

Balboa Vol. 1

Todd & irina
november 2022

There is something for everyone at the Dance Academy.

Whether you already know how to cut a rug or you’re looking to take your first steps now, you’ll find something just right for you here!

All Dance Academy courses are organised into Volumes, and divided by:

You’ll find courses in both Italian and English but never fear! Following the lessons couldn’t be easier!

summer jamboree dance academy
warm up dance academy

Learn at your own pace.

Lessons on all courses at the Dance Academy are organised to help you learn easier.

In fact at the end of every lesson you’ll find a video “Recap” to go over what you have just learnt before proceeding to the next lesson.

What’s more, you’ll find a whole section dedicated to the “Warm Up“: invaluable warm-up lessons created exclusively for the Dance Academy, perfect to get you moving and warm-up your muscles before you hit the dance floor. Try them all!

Hot off the press

Browse articles and discover magazines, websites and newspapers that talk about the Summer Jamboree Dance Academy.

#SportWeLove February 2022: training and recharging

"Learning vintage dances has never been so easy: the Summer Jamboree Dance Academy, a true and authentic dance academy with the best international teachers of the moment boasting over 20 courses and counting, in beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels."


How to stay in shape with vintage dance.

"Italy has recently seen the inauguration of the Summer Jamboree Dance Academy, first online dance school completely dedicated to vintage dances (that originated and evolved in the 30s, 40s and 50s). [...] Entirely dedicated to the dances of yesteryear, an outlet for all Swing and Rock’n’Roll lovers to let loose without inhibitions, even in one’s own living room."


Online dance courses, the Summer Jamboree Dance Academy is here

"a kind of “Netflix” entirely dedicated to vintage dance, aimed at all Swing and Rock’n’Roll lovers. The dance academy currently boasts over 20 courses, in beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels, with a “Community” section for students to share their experiences, progress, and course milestones."


Fitness espresso: The seven best announcements of the week

"(VINTAGE) DANCE LESSONS ONLINE. Have Swing and Boogie Woogie always interested you? With the Summer Jamboree Dance Academy, the first online dance school completely dedicated to vintage dance, you can learn them from your living room: 20 courses, from beginners to advanced level, and a community to share experiences and progress."


logo io donna

Vintage dance: even with online courses: how to dance yourself fit

“We’ve seen Swing, Rock’n’Roll, Boogie Woogie in old films, they mesmerised us, and immediately won us over. [...] Lovers of vintage dance styles can let loose in their own living rooms, either alone or with a partner. Each persocan access the courses as many times as they like, from any device: pc, smartphone and tablet.”


Where to DANCE?

“Boogie woogie, Tap, Swing and other vintage dances can be learnt at home thanks to the Summer Jamboree Dance Academy, the online dance school created by the International Festival of 40s and 50s American Music and Culture of the same name.”

ELLE - 04 MARCH 2022


Satisfaction or your money back

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At any time, within 30 days of placing your order.

Your teachers

From the biggest festivals and dance camps around the world to the Dance Academy.

The best dancers on the international scene await to get you dancing Swing and Rock’n’Roll like never before!

Don’t stay on the sidelines!

Subscribe to the Dance Academy now and learn to dance Swing and Rock’n’Roll whenever and however you want.

Start at home and then let rip on the dance floor at events, festivals and dance camps around the world with hundreds of other dancers!

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So what are you waiting for?

Frequently asked questions

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With your username and password you can access the Dance Academy and all of its contents.

The Dance Academy Pass is an annual membership to the Dance Academy that grants you access to all current courses available, and all future courses added, for the entire duration of your membership!

Yes of course! The lessons are very easy to understand. You’ll be able to follow all of the lessons, whether they’re in English or Italian, without any difficulty!

Yes! If the content of the courses doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a full refund.

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