The Indians

Imagine you are strolling through the streets of New Orleans on a warm and hazy sunny afternoon, the enchanting sounds of the city hang around you in the hot sticky air, and the music that breathes life into the streets clings to your clothes like smoky memories, and steals a small but indelible place in your heart. Are you there? Open your eyes and you have The Indians, the innovative new trio that have captured the extraordinary essence of New Orleans and that are currently taking Italy by storm. Listen, and let them take you on an atmospheric musical journey that encapsulates the magic of Louisiana’s largest city. Their music has both light and shade, and lies somewhere inbetween the fun and vibrant street music of the famous “second line”, and the powerful marching themes of the “funeral parade”. Their sound is soulful, and sassy, and rich in gospel rhythms that conjure up perfectly the spirit of the inimitable ‘Big Easy’. The Indians are; Marco “Benny” Pretolani (tenor sax, clarinet and vocals), Alberto “Buzz” Bazzoli (piano) and Eugenio Primo Saragoni (drums, tambourine, washboard and vocals).