The Good Vibrations

The Good Vibrations are; Francesco Corallini (vocals, guitar), Simone Vicarelli (vocals), Savino Lattanzio (vocals, guitar), Simone Gagliardi (vocals, drums), Andrea Gagliardi (vocals, keyboards), and Riccardo Messi (bass). United by a common passion for the rich vocal harmonies of the Wilson family, The Good Vibrations were formed in 2016 to pay tribute and homage to the one and only ‘Beach Boys’. Their stage shows endeavour to reproduce to a ‘T’ every possible facet of an original Beach Boys performance, ranging from their stage costumes and instruments right the way through to of course, the signature polyphonic vocals. Not a single detail is neglected. They even reproduce the sound quality as faithfully as possible to evoke the atmosphere of the era by using original vintage instruments. The Good Vibrations take their name from the hit single released by The Beach Boys in 1966 and this group take pride in celebrating what they consider to be one of the greatest bands ever by playing numbers right from the start of their eponymous ‘surf’ era, all the way up to the ingenious psychedelic Pet Sounds.