Carl Sonny Leyland

A passion for rock‘n’roll and doo-wop lies at the heart of The Frigidaires. They are a band that succeeds in creating a contemporary musical experience with a language is respectful to its musical roots in both its intentions and irony, and produced with rock-solid non-stop energy. They are inspired by such groups as Dion & The Belmonts, The Skyliners, The Silhouettes, The Coasters, and The Flamingos, and yet The Frigidaires are not your average cover band. The songs they record and perform in concert alternate between original and classic compositions of the genre and often have revised texts in Italian. And the energy that is emitted during their live sets could reach even the most heterogeneous of audiences. The band is formed of Claudio Gregori (former actor and author, and regular singer and guitarist on the rock’n’roll scene), Luca Majnardi (crooning singer and jive/blues trumpeter), Alex Meozzi (guitarist, vocal harmony wiz and leader of ‘State 66’), Giovanni Campanella (jazz mad drummer), Giulio Scarpato (eclectic bassist), and Olimpio Riccardi (refined sax talent). And together, the Frigidaires make sweet sweet music to doo-wop the night away.